Yes, it is a privilege!

The privilege of color consulting comes with another attribute: it’s about being helpful. That means helping you out of a dilemma that causes stress.

A frequent situation happens when a client is overwhelmed by the sheer volume and number of color options. And of course each paint company has their own versions of “dove white,” and so forth.

One part of this situation is often keeping things simple in the midst of a renovation process. That can even mean painting one small room! The temptation for you as a homeowner is to choose too many colors, just because you might love them.

Which brings me to the related subject…”Love!”

Does “loving” a color—having a Favorite color—mean that it’s the best color to be surrounded by, or immersed in?

Then there’s the other side of “Love…”—the interpersonal part. How can two or more people get along with making and selecting and being happy-enough with their choices? How about a group of condo-owners who also have HOA restrictions?

And wouldn’t it be great to be able to have a pretty close idea of how your home or other building would look with the new color selections as if they are already painted? Designer Color Palettes is a unique, optional part of my color consulting service in which I can present you with views of your interior or exterior spaces demonstrating new colors, including paint color notations for you to follow up on.

You can read a few client testimonials here, and see just a few examples of “loving color” below.



I’ve been an  IACC accredited color designer since 2000.

Contact me with your questions about creative color design services for your home, workplace, and business applications.I look forward to hearing from you. With our unique style of services I can work locally or “long-distance” on many types of projects.

PS: The answer to the question? The privilege is in the Helping, and in offering stress relief along with creative solutions to the dilemmas.

Your ideas? I look forward to hearing them in our Comments section on this page.

2 thoughts on “What’s in the Privilege of Color Consulting?

  1. Hi Laura, thanks for your comments and for taking the time to look around! It’s been a great adventure and even a challenge to put it together but Now I can say I enjoyed the process even with so much detail to attend to in doing it.
    Your questions: All items in my VIDA collections are all my own original designs, and are printed on the fabrics and made to order. The “sheer wraps” are poly; the other items I’ve focused on are either modal, silk, cashmere, merino wool, and some that are combinations. It’s not up to me but yes the dimensions would be helpul. THe scarves, mainly are:
    36″ square, or as the rectangles of any fabric are about 30″x 80.” They are really soft and light so they are great to wrap around and they compress well, and as such are very usable. Twist/wrap/drape…take your pick and have fun playing with doing it!

    Check out the new bags and tapestries! I really enjoy adding new items to the collections.

  2. Love the new site! Seems to work well. Love your scarves at VIDA. Wish there were dimensions of the scarves. What is the fabric content of the sheer fabric wrap? Are these hand painted and of printed. Great work.

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