Start here for your best color and design decisions for your home and workplace. Paint color is not the only subject. Our expert help makes it easy. Your creative design decisions are for any product or material that has “color,” including natural color as the source.

Professional help from with interior or exterior color design decisions for any size project starts right here with a color specialist! Consulting services for paint and all materials. Barbara Jacobs is your California color consultant for Sonoma County, CA and Beyond.

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Supportive Exterior to Interior design: Architectural color is key. Environmental Color is a specialty for your colorful life.

Since 1996 I’ve had the honor of serving as an architectural color specialist, consulting, “exterior to interior” with homeowners and business owners like you, all across the country. You’re here because you’re interested in enjoying the benefits of using color to create a positive experience in how you feel and function wherever you live, work, and play. That’s what I mean by “Environmental Color.” It’s about making your personal environment more healthy and enjoyable, supporting you in your home environment from exterior to interior.

Enjoy the slideshow below, with a few examples..also see testimonials and more gallery views

  • "Before:" Side view of original reference image.
  • Digital color view of Proposed Color Palette
  • Test your colors on other surfaces before painting.
  • Exterior Color San Raphael, CA
  • Picture of finished colors.
  • Dramatic color palette
  • Large house front view lots of detail
  • Condo and HOA associations
  • exterior and interior gallery

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You are not alone in your color dilemmas.
Don’t be embarrassed! This type of dissatisfaction is well documented. It’s also acknowledged—also among the other well-known color consultants in professional design circles—as being one of the main reasons our clients look for professional help.

What’s your situation? You’re here because you believe color is an integral, important aspect of your environment.
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