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Because you can contact me directly, you can even consider this your personal “Color Q&A Section.” Please use this easy short form to contact me with your questions.

First of all…

Have you ever wanted to talk with a professional color consultant?
If so, this is a great opportunity. Sometimes people are intimidated or feel that their concerns are unfounded. But don’t worry—you can be confident that you’re not alone, and that many others may have had similar questions and experiences when faced with making the important color decisions that become part of their everyday living experiences.

Most of all, you can be sure that when you contact me you will receive a reply.

Even if I don’t happen to have the answer to your specific, personal question right away it’s probably because sometimes inquiries are about subjects too detailed, personal, or project-specific for me to just answer quickly in this format. It’s possible that your questions require more specific attention or research. If that is the case with your own question, I will let you know. In any case, I’ll let you know what is involved.

Ask your questions about…

Ask about anything mentioned or offered on this site. This includes color consulting for the exterior or interior of your home or workplace and also Designer Color Palettes (near or far); fine art, in the many varieties shown here; wearable art, a beautiful way to add a world of color and design to your own wardrobe or use as a gift.

Maybe your questions will be about Windows to Imagination, my own unique coloring book;  Gift Certificates, for anything of the products or services you see on this site; Classes, events, presentations about color, and more. Your questions can be short or detailed.

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I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your interest.

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