What’s New, Now?
People are asking!

There is always something new coming up here, in my studio. It might be a special article about color that I’ve written (this is the latest), or one that I’ve been asked to contribute tolike this most recent at D+D, a well known industry publication. Subjects include interior-to-exterior design and trends, how-to “DIY” tips; a new product for your home;  new “wearable art items,” or my own original fine art that you can have professionally printed and mounted. In addition, you can even download some of my original “coloring pages” for your own use or gifts to others.

So, when people ask “What’s New, Now?” I’m usually able to say something about what’s new! I love being involved in multiple creative adventures and these are some of the expressions of those experiences.

What’s New, Now means many things! You’ll find updated new design creations, an upcoming event or class, or an exhibit. Most notworthy is that all content and creations are original. Please explore and enjoy.

Any questions? Ask them now!


The most recent at D + DFind out what the color experts (including myself) have to say about the 2018 color trends!

Durability and Design
Read the latest in-depth news about using color in retail environments.

Gifts are always a “perfect fit!”

The Gift of Color for any time of year can take many forms.

What's New, Now?

Coloring book – original artwork

Get my book, Windows to Imagination, a coloring book and color journal in two parts, delivered to you from Amazon.com

Windows to Imagination - front cover - coloring book and color journal
Windows to Imagination Front cover. Click the front cover picture to order.

Etsy Store: being updated!

Nothing there now but don’t worry, new items will re-appear! Check out even more new special coloring designs you can easily download!

Fashion for You and your Home

Wearable Art and Home Accessories Design Creations: see the collections!Do you love the fashion statement in “Wearable Art?”

So do I! And guess what…the unique form of personal expresstion that is “Wearable Art” is once again “In!” After many years of creating hand-painted designs on silk, I can now offer my original textile designs in styles, ranging from colorful to monochrome—from “painterly” or sketchy to abstract and print motifs, in many exciting wearables and even some home furnishings items, all made to order for me through a unique company called VIDA.

What's New, Now?
Dive-Right-In Oblong scarf by Barbara Jacobs at VIDASee my collections and make  your purchases Here.

Upcoming classes and presentations

Are you part of an organization? Contact me for a customized presentation .
I’ll create a special program or art class for your group about how to make the most of color in your life, home, or workplace. It’s favorite subject of mine—and could be one of yours, as well.
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