Wearable Art Collection

After many years of creating hand-painted silk “Wearable Art” items in addition to creating unique pattern designs for other companies, I’m delighted to announce my new “wearable art” collections. Finally, I have a way to revive my ongoing, lifelong interest in textiles and design. Furthermore, this exciting new wearable art collection is made for me by VIDA, a clothing company with a social conscience. In addition, this new way to reproduce my original designs means they appear on variety of fabrics and are custom-made to order in wearables and home furnishings accents.

I’m excited to offer them to you here!

The fabrics include Cashmere and Silk, Pure Silk, Modal, Modal and Silk, and more. In fact, I have just added a new Merino wool large size scarf that has a delightfully delicate “eyelash fringe.” All items are made to order.

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These are just a very few examples of the many I’ve created. New work is always in progress! You can have any of them printed to order and made as sheer wraps, an assortment of garment “tops,” scarves of a variety of fabrics, and even some decorative pillows.

Check out the designs and make your purchases from my ever-evolving collections, then be sure you have signed up for our email news so you’ll find out when new items are posted. There are a lot of new ideas in progress!

There’s more to come…
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