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Conversations with a Color Consultant – with Carolyn Edlund
How Designers Select Art for Interiors – with Carolyn Edlund
When to Think About Color – by Barbara Jacobs for

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Choosing interior color schemes

10 tips for picking paint colors

by Marie Proeller Houston

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Find out about my classes on fine art and design for individuals, small groups, and your organization

Classes, events, presentations—even articles…All are part of what I enjoy about my work. Upcoming classes and events will be announced in my e-newsletter and you can get the info here when you register.

What is there to “talk about” when the subject is Color? Useful articles will help!
I’m available to create a customized presentation about the subjects of fine art and/or color for your company or organization. Classes, events, presentations can all be custom-created for groups of homeowners, business owners, and professionals, including designers architects, and builders.

A few examples of topics that you can request for your group:
* Choosing colors for my home
* How you can create a more contemporary feeling in a non-contemporary home
* Design a color plan for an entire development or other multi-building project
* How to combine materials and colors for an effective color palette

Read one of my professionally published useful articles here, at Durability and Design!

And actually, the subject can be anything that includes your questions about the best ways to use color for architecture and interiors, from small to large areas. This means applying color in any kind of space whether the users number one or many, in your own home or in a public area.

True, you can get a lot of color information online

But of course a personal contact adds value. Classes, events, presentations are programs that over the years have even been enjoyed by architects and designers at the well-known “NeoCon” conventions, in both Atlanta and Chicago. I’ve also had the honor to present to groups of architects and homeowners, and at the noted “Build Boston” show.

In addition, I’ve enjoyed creating customized programs about color and design for a variety of university design students. I’ve also created programs for selected high school art students, that were funded by a grant from the Massachusetts Council on the Arts.

As homeowners, HOA groups are another set of individuals who would enjoy hearing about how colors choices for their association in general can also benefit the individual residents.

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