Supportive, Environmental Color is the focus.

Since 1996 I’ve had the pleasure and honor of providing color consulting services to homeowners and business owners nationwide who recognize that the level of physical “vibration” in our environments–that we call “Color”–is an element of design and even of everyday life. This important element can actually make a big difference in our quality of life, and in how we feel and function in the spaces where we live, work, and play.

These days, with all the information online and at paint stores,  just about anyone can pick a color they like from a small color sample. However, a small color sample is not the same as an entire room or building. Furthermore, it’s well known that a fairly high level of dissatisfaction exists when this is the method of choosing colors. But, color is integral in all spaces and we always want to keep this in the forefront. In fact, the best color consultants in professional design circles report this same lack of prospective clients’ personal success in choosing colors as one reason people come to them for professional help!

In short: people are frustrated in their experiences of selecting color palettes for interiors and exteriors, on their own. Often, in fact, the well-meaning involvement of family and friends even serves to add further confusion.

Currently there is an increasing recognition of the value you can gain in working with an experienced color design professional  who will help you select surface color and other materials for interior as well as exterior spaces. This is especially applicable in cases where the area in question is large or complex—either in architectural detail or client needs—and where the services of a professional painter are needed.

Color is Integral

You’re here because you believe color is an integral, important aspect of your environment.  You  are now in the right place for the information you need about my color consulting services for your home, workplace, and business applications. After living in the greater Boston area since 1984, I have relocated to Sebastopol, California, therefore I’m available for site visits throughout Sonoma and Marin counties, in particular. I’m also available for “long distance” consultations. I’ve been a fully accredited color consultant by the IACC (International Association of Color Consultants) since 2000.

In the sections below, you can see a few examples and also find out about our Designer Color Palettes service. Be sure to check out a few comments from some of our clients.

I look forward to hearing from you with any color design questions you might have. 

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