Greetings, Interior Design Professionals and Art Consultants. Welcome to our newest section for you, featuring archival art.

You have come to this exciting resource that will help you complete your design projects with unique archival art. You will find work to use when you are looking for artwork for your residential and commercial clients; for private clients, corporate, commercial, and all types of hospitality locations.

You will be the curator. Select your favorites from my fine art website, to have made for you in your choices of sizes and materials. I provide the art, and will always be here as a resource, to assist as needed. In addition to my own artwork, you will have access to work by William Saltzman, that you can see here. Some are available as originals, others will be as the limited edition archival prints on paper, canvas, or metal—such as I offer with my own work.

Especially for Design Trade Professionals
I am offering a professional trade account with special pricing. Please contact me to find out the details. I will be making up a simple application form to share with you, so be sure to get on the recipient list for that.

Nevada Hills View

Southwest Series: Nevada Hills – archival art print photograph by Barbara Jacobs

I am excited to have created this new feature specifically with design professionals and art consultants in mind. As a fine artist and architectural color consultant who has also been active in the world of interior design since 1990, I am familiar with using fine art in interior design projects and love to work with designers.

What is “archival art?” And, what is a limited edition print?

“Archival” refers to the museum-quality printing methods and materials we use to create these unique, limited-edition prints that are made to order on canvas, fine art paper, or metal. The company I have partnered with to do the physical output for you is known for their high-quality work for museums, galleries, and other such locations. Accelerated testing with the pigmented inks, papers, and canvases we use are rated over 200 years without noticeable fading. This is under ideal conditions. Prints under glass kept out of direct sunlight, high humidity and pollution are still rated over 100 years which is archival.

Whether you want just one art piece or photograph, or multiples of similar or different artworks to use in different locations, we can help. The collections are varied. You can see some almost-realistic, “interpretive” landscapes, vegetation, even fruits and vegetables! Others are abstract – derived from nature or landscape views. Many are coming from my own imagination, from the beginning. Some of my art is also abstract/graphic, or even digital in origin. These also include developed patterns or mandala styles that I enjoy doing. Many are black-and-white, and others are colorful! You have a lot to choose from and we’re adding more all the time.

China Camp View archival art print. Photograph by Barbara Jacobs

China Camp View – archival art print photograph by Barbara Jacobs

I’m an artist who enjoys exploring a variety of media and methods. You will see work with origins in my own original, mixed media artwork and paintings—or my own original photographs. You will find that I am a multifaceted artist who enjoys explorations.

What does my artwork bring to your design projects?

Enjoy the enhanced sense of adventure, focus, peacefulness; integration with nature that becomes a personal connection resonating with your client. You will be the curator, to select your own inspired art favorites from my collections, connecting with your clients through your design work.

Please register to receive updates. Be sure to ask me about a trade account so you can receive the benefits.

As soon as I add a new art piece to these collections, I will send you an email with a view of the newly added work. But don’t worry, you will just be “updated” —not “flooded” with emails.

Wanderers Series: Into the Wind – Original Monotype print by Barbara Jacobs

Original artwork is also available.

I also do have original art pieces available, so find out what is available. Working in mixed-media, monotype, and collages are a particular interest of mine. I invite you to view my Instagram page as well, for a taste of the range of work. My occasional e-newsletter offers additional updates about new offerings, art + design. Subscribe now if you do not already receive it!

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