This exciting new collection of bathroom furnishings is a group of vanities, lighting, and other items in a wide range of price points. I have selected them just because I can see how they could work together or offer various choices. Take a look! I will be adding more as I discover them, so stop by often!

You may personally have other style, decor, or pricing preferences. I will work with you to create a personalized, custom collection based on the resources I have and the needs and preferences you state !

You can see product details, and even order directly from the product link, or contact me directly with your specific design questions. You do not have to create a customer account to purchase. But you will have the option to create an account to more easily view your order status.

Just enjoy this exciting new service. I’ve enjoyed perusing and selecting them. More to follow, for a wide range of prices and styles, for kitchen ideas and other areas.