HOA experience highlights dramatic update with new colors. Shown above: digital views of some new color ideas.
“Case Study…” description of the HOA color project

Working with a group of about 8 members and a point person for communication
we started with the goal to create a new color plan for them to apply to all 126 residences, with color versions that the residents could select from for their own homes. Also, there were about 7 door colors prepared for them to make their own homes stand out without changing the entire building.  Ultimately they decided to apply same body colors in groups, and with white trim on all homes throughout. But to make their individual homes stand out they did some front door variations.

Images shown in groups below

“Before” gallery- where we started. Images provided from the HOA group.

“Inspirations” Color Views gallery– the DCP digital colorviews images I prepared for them, showing some examples of color inspirations to stimulate their imaginations about what might be possible. Stucco home variations first, followed by regular siding homes’ variations. You can see they had a lot to choose from, but I wanted to demonstrate how the relatively limited palette of color selections could be applied in various ways, being repeated on either body or trim areas, to create a cohesive yet distinctive group of homes.

“After” gallery- based on the HOA residents’ ultimate preferences for their own homes. They appreciated the inspired images but finally decided on more of a simpler, color-block style of color distribution with same color trim (white) throughout. Still, it made a huge difference! What an update! The images below show the varieties of color distribution the residents selected, in a ‘walk-through’ of the neighborhood. They did use my suggestion of ‘painting out’ the stucco trim for a less “busy” look overall.

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