Pure pigment! So extremely exciting. The colors almost literally vibrate off the page! Being so close to the medium is an intimate experience. If you love color, join me in appreciating pastels.

The process of working with pastel pigments is multifaceted. First of all, I want to say that the word “pastels” in this case does Not refer to a group of pale colors. On the contrary! While those hues and tints are certainly part of a pastel artist’s palette, in my case I love the saturated hues that create depth and vibrant moods. Serious or whimsical; realistic or abstract, the medium of using high quality pastel pigments is an inspiration in itself.

Pastels – Rich and Vivid, not Pallid!

For example, think about waking up to a glorious sunrise over the water. Then, seeing the same place at sunset. Translate that into pigment on paper! Even printed reproductions of the original look amazing when printed on slightly textured paper, similar to the stock it was created with in the original.

Actually this is just one of the ways I can consult with clients about the material they want to have my work printed on. Ask me how this works, and how you can own any of my artwork to achieve a variety of end results.

Some of the work shown here will also appear in Mixed-Media, since I often combine pastels into other media since they add an exciting, pigment-rich dimension to a textured or even to a flat surface. I’ve found that layering the pastel materials is particularly rewarding.

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