Mixed Media and Monoprints

Mixed-Media & Monoprints are the core of this section. What I call “Mixed Media” can include a variety of materials combined in ways that result in either two or three-dimensional works of various sizes. Color + texture combine to result in shapes that are sometimes unplanned and often unexpected. I particularly enjoy this dynamic approach to creating what comes next! A few of the pieces shown here are details or different views of one work. Collage techniques also come into play in this method. This can be physical layering of materials and objects. Digital elements can even come into play in the realm of “mixed media & monoprints.”

What is a monoprint?

Traditional printing is done in editions, in which after a ‘proof,’ or ‘test,’ is made, the final group of prints is created of the specific work. The medium is traditionally in metal etchings, wood carving or drypoint, lithography on a stone or plate. Other contemporary materials are also used. These fascinating, labor-intensive and demanding methods are exciting and can be challenging.  An “edition” can be two, or “two million.” It can be whatever number the artist wants to produce that meet  his or her standards, and that can be done by the selected technique.

A “Monoprint” is as it sounds. One print of the image. It’s an organic way of working and often involves direct application of ink or other media; it can include layers of media—each of which can be manipulated by the artist according to inspiration. Sometimes this includes planning, and other times it will be according to evolution and seeing what was the result of a former action. The result is One print.  It’s an exciting way to work—and to play, in the arena of color, space, texture, forms, and movement.

See many examples of mixed media, monotype prints, and more detail here!

Do you have favorites? Ask me about purchasing prints on archival paper and other media.

Do you have questions about this technique? It’s one of my favorite subjects.

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