Drawings—Many styles and subjects

As with other areas of my work, the styles and the subjects are varied. Views out a window; people; fantasy speculations; unplanned inspirations, and more. The media can be varied, too. For example, ink, simple or complex line, colored pencils, and mixed media drawings are all possible. Imagine—light and simple to an almost “painterly” appearance can all come under this category of art.

Do you have a favorite?
Which would you like to see framed, matted, printed on a variety of media from light paper to textured watercolor type paper? In addition, you can have my work printed on canvas or metal. And in addition, you can enjoy using this art in an actual item like cell phone cases, totes, home furnishings, and more!

Use your imagination or ask me to help you select the right material or product that will make the artwork of your choice stand out in the best way. Just ask how you can own it, wherever you live! There is much more than shown here. Ask me about purchasing prints on archival paper or other materials.

The “Hands” Series
This group of drawings, done with ink on paper, are part of a set of drawings that were made without a specific topic in mind. Putting pen to paper – the images and lines emerged.
I am so grateful for the truly remarkable experience of the inspiration to draw in this way.

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As it turned out, this group of drawings are part of the inspiration for writing the coloring book (cover below), published in the Summer of 2016, that I call Windows to Imagination Coloring Your Way to Stress Relief and Meditation: a coloring book and color journal in two parts: Fantastical Voyages and Patterns for Exploration.

Windows to Imagination

Windows to Imagination is available at Amazon.com

Drawings in Different Styles

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Please note all work shown here and throughout this site is ©2016 Barbara Jacobs, all rights reserved.

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