Digital and Photo

I enjoy creating original styles of digital art “from the start.” This means there are no other underlying image to work on, or to work from. Furthermore, I also enjoy photographing a variety of subjects – really whatever just looks interesting at the time.  Sometimes it’s more serious, and at other times more whimsical. What fascinates me? Color, shape, scale; movement, light, abstraction; natural and man-made materials and structures; new ways of looking at everyday objects, even the reflections on vintage autos and the patterns in groups of flea-market finds. Because these subjects often appear to be other than what they literally are, the fascination expands with a mysterious appeal.

And I also enjoy taking an image into another direction with a bit of digital manipulation, or even adding a photograph in some way as an integral element in a mixed media piece.

Working with digital media is an exciting way to create a variety of designs and patterns that are used for surface and print designs, part of a mixed-media and multi-process piece, or wall art, that you can order printed to the size you need on a variety of substrates.  You can even get it sent to you framed.

A few examples are offered here. Select this link to my online portfolio of artwork, where you can see many more, and make your selections.

Send me a note now with any questions you have about the work you see here or elsewhere. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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