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Due to the Covid-19, many galleries are not open.
But I’ve made this you-tube video of an exhibit at the Riverfront Art Gallery in Petaluma, that had not been able to open officially!

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Take a look at the Collections section for Pastels, Drawings and Silverpoint, Mixed Media paintings, Monotype prints, Digital paintings, and Photography.

This is where you will see some examples of my own original artwork represented. You’ll also see a variety of size, scale, technique, and mood. When I was in art school, I enjoyed life drawing, painting in oil, and printmaking that included etchings, drypoint, and lithography. I loved the materials, the aromas, and the physical process of creating art in many media. Now, however, I can also enjoy various digital processes to add to the mix. It’s exhilarating!

Here’s a small, silent video about a recent monotype print!

My wish is to communicate this enthusiasm for color and design in fine art and also in my client work as a color consultant. It all fits together. But this gallery section is just a small part of my work as an artist. Get the full story here!

As you explore the images in the Fine Art Gallery sections below, you’ll see that I do not have one strictly defined “style.” Typically, the work is non-representational and tending to be abstract. I enjoy working in many media, and some of them often overlap. Inspirations have a wide range also, and can vary from day to day as the spark of an idea ignites and evolves during the creative process.

A few of the images might appear in different sections, since media may overlap. See more, and purchase artwork directly, at the complete Fine Art website.

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There are a number of ways you can enjoy my work yourself, whether in your own home or your workplace. To find out the details and purchase any of the work you see here either as the original or museum quality archival, pigmented-ink printing, please contact me personally.

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