Read a few client comments from around the country.

A few of Barbara’s clients of from around the country comment…from homeowners, business owners, real estate, and other design professionals
I’ve loved hearing from clients over the years. The thoughtful testimonials about personal experiences working with me for architectural color design consulting. Notes cover exterior and interior color consulting projects, and even business needs. These clients’ comments and testimonials have been inspiring to me much as my work—as you’ll see below—has been for them.

Our HOA needed to repaint 126 residences and a clubhouse using an entirely new color palette as our existing colors were very outdated. To ensure that that this ambitious project would conclude on time and on budget with sufficient buy-in, Barbara’s contribution was an important early strategic piece in the Board’s project plan to put color decision-making in an objective, professional context.

Director and President
Shelter Hills Townhouses Association
Petaluma, CA

Dear Barbara,
The painters have finally finished painting the house. We really love it! And we love the color scheme you developed for us. I will definitely recommend you to people and let me know if you ever want a reference.

Thanks so much,
Josh S.
South Bend, Indiana
Long-Distance exterior color design consultation, using Designer Color Palettes visualization service

Barbara was great to work with. I only found her near the end of my exterior paint project, because I was trying to do it myself, and my back was up against the wall with limited time, in terms of the scheduling with various contractors.

Finding the right color combination was complex because there are other buildings on the property that are close by that have their own color schemes. I wanted things to blend in, but also be differentiated. Plus, I’m a demanding customer.

Barbara was gracious, on point, full of suggestions and ideas. Went above and beyond and came through with a solution that really worked, tied everything in, and made it all pop. I do recommend her services and she’s great to work with.

— Jeff R.
Private Residence – Exterior
Santa Rosa, CA

I was so thankful to have found Barbara. Color is tricky—especially when it comes to paint! My home was being painted in two weeks by professional painters and I hadn’t picked my colors. After spending excessive hours scrolling through Houzz and Pinterest for ideas, plus buying numerous small sample cans of paint, I was paralyzed by fear of making a costly painting mistake—I called Barbara and scheduled an appointment for her come to my home and help me pick the right colors.

Barbara selected the perfect body, trim and door colors. I love the way my home looks!  I couldn’t be happier, and I wouldn’t hesitate to call Barbara again for my exterior or interior color needs. Thank you, Barbara!

— Mary M.
Exterior, private residence
Sebastopol, CA

Hi Barbara,
It was great connecting with you after several years.

I wanted you to know how much I appreciate you working with us “long distance,” even from California, in selecting the right paint colors for our home. I was just “stuck” in trying to determine new ideas for colors. You were so helpful with helping me find the new color ideas, paint samples and even painter recommendations. You are a true professional.

The Virtual Site Visit via facetime was a good idea when you couldn’t be here in person.

— L. Shaw
Private residence, interior colors
Brookline, MA

I worked long and hard on devising a color scheme for my new home, but when I tested the first two colors and didn’t like them, became panicked and lost confidence in my whole plan! Being a complete novice in developing color schemes for an entire home, I realized I needed professional help. I contacted Barbara, who was able to swoop into the rescue almost immediately. She was patient, empathic, with an obvious wealth of experience and knowledge, and was able to grasp my initial plan/likes/dislikes, and guide me expertly toward a workable plan. She demonstrated a unique ability to blend her expertise with an ability to listen and understand my preferences and goals, to collaboratively develop a color plan for my home that I would love (as opposed to simply making a recommendation of what she would like). I would whole heartedly recommend her services to anyone looking for professional color consultation.

C. Ryan
Private residence, interior colors
Santa Rosa, CA

Barbara was instrumental in helping my wife and I pick out the perfect color palette for our home. We were working within a strict budget, and Barbara was willing to offer her services in a way that we could afford. She quickly, and efficiently looked over our home, identified a palette of colors, and gave knowledgeable insight about how to best paint small rooms, and where to place accent walls. I have no doubt that without her help, we would have gone with all white because we were too scared to try anything else. Instead, we now have a vivid home with some great colors I never would have even considered. Barbara was friendly and professional, and I would not hesitate to use her services again.

—G. DP. V.
Private residence, interior colors

Santa Rosa, CA

Barbara’s art combines color and pattern in eye-catching and evocative ways. I love my Barbara Jacobs painting so much that I have invited her to post some of her art in our offices where clients can see it. I have also worked with Barbara on color selections in my home, and have found her advice spot-on for both color choice and for finding great interior design resources.

                                                                                                                         — K.P.
                                                                                                           Penngrove, CA 

Barbara did a very nice job – thoughtful, clear, and sound advice on the wall colors for our downstairs. She was prompt, responsive and happy to provide detailed follow through. She demonstrated a wealth of knowledge about color and paint, and was a nice person to interact with. Barbara provided advice that matched our tastes, but also injected helpful ideas we hadn’t considered (unlike other designers I’ve worked who were either too wishy-washy or too pushy).   

She provides a premium service at premium pricing; the cost will limit how frequently I can use her services, but she certainly provided excellent color advice. My wife and I are very happy with the results.

—Daniel T.
Private residence, interior colors
Santa Rosa, CA

I have known and worked with Barbara for many years, and her creativity and keen sense of color has always been right on. She brings her best effort to everything she does. You can depend on Barbara to provide the finest in selections and the best options in color effects for your projects. Color is such an important part of the design process and has a real impact on our sense of well-being, so it is important to hire a specialist with such great vision.

—Doreen Le May Madden LC, CLC, IES
Certified Lighting Architect
Certified Sustainable Designer

Color is the creative staging necessary for any property, whether residential or commercial. Barbara Jacobs has enough depth in her experience to comfort and guide even the color blind…  Her summation is presented in remarkable detail, which leads to the roadmap for the painter. It is a rather seamless process, created from years of professionalism. Thank you, Barbara, for all that wisdom.

—Susan Schlossberg
Real Estate Professional, Cambridge, MA

Here are just a few comments, about…
Our unique DCP color visualizing service—and much more!

Dear Barbara,
I want to offer this testimonial for you!
We can not thank you enough for your excellent work in selecting the exterior paint colors for our home.  For the last two years, we have avoided painting the house due to the difficult task of picking the right colors and determining where to place the various colors.

Engaging your services was priceless, and your “DCP” service with the digital renderings are absolutely worth the investment.  We loved seeing what the house would look like before it was even painted.  Our painter has used the image as his own blueprint for painting the house.  It truly is a must-have service, and the end product looks practically just like the digital image!  It certainly put a complete end to the debate over colors that we have had as a couple!

I also cannot thank you enough for the ongoing support and recommendations you shared throughout the painting process, as we made some tweaks to address the nuances of a 130 year old Queen Anne Victorian home. There was so much detail as well as many additional structures (additions to the main house, carport, garage, and treehouse) to consider in the complete design.

We are the “talk of the town” (in the best possible way) thanks to your guidance on paint colors and placement.  I recommend this process and the experience of working with you to bring the project to life.  To quote my hubby who is very difficult to win over, “Well, I have to admit, hiring her was the right call.  I’m actually enjoying this process.”

Your “DCP – Designer Color Palettes” long-distance  visualizing services are amazing!
P.S.  The boys LOVE the tree house paint colors.

Many Thanks,
—The White Family
Swarthmore, PA
Private residence, exterior color consult with digital image process

Barbara has done amazing work helping me pick colors and design ideas for my house. She has a real flair for both, and is also kind, understanding and easy to work with. She has lots of resources at her fingertips and is very “plugged in” to the design network around the country. If you want get beyond beige, she is the person for you!

— K.P.
Penngrove, CA
Private residence, interior colors

Hi, Barbara –
Thanks for inviting me to make a “client comment” for you. What I’ve been telling people about you is that you’re so different from my previous image of color consultants—which was that they’re opinionated, condescending, and elitist—interested in boosting their egos much more than in being helpful.

On the other hand, however, I found you to be funny, complimentary, friendly, and all around delightful, with an excellent eye for color and the ability to translate your skills to those not blessed with such perception.

— J.C.Boston, Mass.
Private residence, interior colors
Note: this was after the first of two residences for the family

The only comment anyone has made about the color choices that Barbara lead me to is:
“How beautiful.”  Seems easy to do, but I was never able to do so on my own—for more than 55 years.
The results and benefits are genuine and long lived.

Belmont, Mass.
Residential color design: interior and exterior

I lived with a drab house for close to 15 years. When it came time to paint my modest three-story Victorian I wanted something that popped. I called Barbara on the advice of a friend and immediately realized that she could see beyond color chips. She considered the shape of the house, the number of windows, the colors and condition of the existing foundation and roof. She even considered the neighbor’s house. Things that weren’t on my radar. Barbara offered a color scheme I could dial up or down for drama or detail and when we were in the midst of painting and I had a quick question, she responded immediately.

I was eager to write a little testimonial about working with Barbara Jacobs. It is a pleasure working with her. Knowing that the colors she selects will be right the first time saves time, money and late night paint chip angst. If you’ve ever painted and repainted a wall because the color didn’t work, you will appreciate Barbara and her spot-on color skills. I was so thrilled with her work on the exterior of my house, I hired her to help me select the finishes for my kitchen renovation.

Brookline, Mass.
Exterior house colors, and interior renovation consulting

Color consulting is for businesses, too…products, interior, and exterior!

It was great working with you.  Working on a large project like Lubrication Specialties can be intimidating.  You helped us to focus and narrow down the options.  We will love the end result.  Thanks for all your help.

—Chris Gabrelcik, President
Lubrication Specialties, Inc.
Mt. Gilead, OH
Exterior color – new construction (long-distance consult)

 “Barbara Jacobs played a key role in the development of a new range of color/finish offerings for a major new product line.  Acting as an adviser to the project’s combined design and marketing team, Barbara provided an insightful interpretation of how different finish options would effect the perception of the installed product by the targeted architectural/interior design communities.  Early reviews showing the resulting recommended color palette on the new product revealed that the selected colors were in fact a significant contributor to the perceived overall quality and value of the design.

In addition to her own experience and skills, Barbara was able to leverage her contacts within the industry to help set up a unique focus group of experts.  Barbara’s preparation of illustrative samples facilitated the translation of the group’s expertise into language and forms that the design and marketing groups could utilize. We were very satisfied with Barbara Jacobs’ efforts to guide us towards an important new use of color in our designs.”

—Mark M.
Wiremold Company
Product color design

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