FAQs about Color Consultation
Read these Frequently Asked Questions about Working with a Color Consultant. What are yours?

Areas where my services as a professional color consultant will be a valuable asset to save you time, money, and frustration!
IACC/NA accredited. Whether the project involves selecting paint colors or even includes helping with marketing and product development for your business, a trained color consultant can help in the following areas where color decisions need to be made:

  • Architecture (exterior color choices, for any specified materials)
  • Interiors (interior color choices, all materials)
  • Business (marketing and product development)

Q:   What does a color consultant do?
A trained architectural color consultant will, at the very least, help you make interior and exterior paint color selections. Some color consultants can also help you select product colors for all related building materials on your project. Personally, I am always interested in participating to any extent you need, including selecting additional design elements for the home itself and even for landscaping, as needed. “Exterior staging” is something I enjoy when a client is putting their house on the market for sale. Working with Real Estate professionals is a specialty.

Q:   Do you do more than select paint colors?
Because all materials—natural and man-made—have color, everything is subject to a color decision. In a building, this includes roofing, siding, stone work, and interior materials. It all has to work together.

Q:   Do I have to use one brand of paint if I work with you?
No. There are many fine quality paint products on the market. We are not limited to using one brand of paint in your project.  Because so many paint materials are available, we prefer to recommend the best quality product  for your particular project. We just want to get the best result possible for your needs! Using high quality materials always helps.

Q:   Do you have personal favorite colors?
For my own home, yes.  But the consulting process is about making unbiased recommendations based on my expertise combined with your preferences, lifestyle or business requirements, and knowledge about the functional and aesthetic application of color and the resulting human responses

Q:   …and for exterior color?
Exterior color selections follow the same philosophy but include a somewhat different set of considerations.
In a development, HOA situation, or large scale residential or commercial project, there are additional concerns that I will include in both interior and exterior locations.

Q: I looked at your DCP services and wonder why you just provide 3 color schemes?
A: Variety, but not confusion! One reason you are here might even be to solve that problem!
We like to provide just enough variety for you to be attracted to one design plan more than the others–but still offering options. Sometimes even within one, favorite color scheme, you might like to see the trim and body colors reversed. That’s often a way to provide additional interest if it works. We can always explore additional color schemes. Rates will depend on the number and complexity of developing those new ideas.

Q:   Do you work with other design professionals?
I enjoy the collaboration process and have often been asked to be a resource for interior designers, architects, builders, other decorative painters, and painters, whether it’s for a complete project color plan or as a “second opinion” to review their own color ideas. Interior designers and architects often present to their clients the value of using the services of a color consultant. Feel free to have your designer, painter, builder or architect contact me.

Q:   How much does it cost?
A: It depends. You will find, when you talk with various professionals, that fees for color consulting will vary from one individual to another. Furthermore, fees will probably differ from one part of the country to another. Scope of services also affects the fee, which can be hourly or per-project. Working with a qualified color consultant is similar to working with other experienced design professionals.

Q: Where does the color consultation take place?
A. When feasible, I can do a site visit. If not within a reasonable traveling distance, I will work with you “long-distance.” This version of “online color consultation” is a unique, exciting option that many clients have enjoyed with great results.

A recent client letter states…

“Dear Barbara,
We can not thank you enough for the your excellent work in selecting the exterior paint colors for our home.  For the last two years, we have avoided painting the house due to the difficult task of picking the right colors and determining where to place the various colors.
Engaging your services was priceless and the digital renderings are absolutely worth the investment.  We loved seeing what the house would look like before it was even painted. Especially relevant is that our painter has used the image as his own blueprint for painting the house.  It truly is a must-have, and the end product looks practically just like the digital image.  It certainly put a complete end to the debate over colors that we have had a couple!
I also cannot thank you enough for the ongoing support and recommendations you shared throughout the painting process as we made some tweaks to address the nuances of a 130 year old Queen Anne Victorian home with many additional structures (additions to the main house, carport, garage, and treehouse) to consider in the complete design.
We are the talk of the town (in the best possible way!) thanks to your guidance on paint colors and placement.  I recommend this process and working with you to bring the project to life.
Most noteworthy, to quote my hubby who is very difficult to win over, “Well, I have to admit, hiring her was the right call.  I’m actually enjoying this process.”
P.S.  The boys LOVE the tree house paint colors.
Many Thanks,
–The White Family
Swarthmore, PA
Private residence, exterior color consult with DCP digital image process

All in all, it’s simple.
I will just need your photos and perhaps some other materials as color reference. But don’t worry about taking the photos, because I have a great set of tips to help you get the best possible results. We’ll communicate by email, photos, and phone. Zoom is also an option in some cases. In addition, I do have an “Integral Color Profile” questionnaire that long-distance clients—both residential and commercial—complete prior to my beginning color work. It’s a great way to get started and help me arrive at the best solutions for you. Enjoy reading more client comments here.

Ask your questions to start the process now!