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In addition to my regular client testimonials page, this brief excerpt is from a lengthy letter I received from a group of 6 condo-owners in a Boston area “triple-decker.”

“…Amazingly, we all agreed on a scheme quite easily, knowing that any of the three options would be a quality choice. None of the colors were any that we had individually considered, and yet, they were all just right for us.

As a result, our condominium’s investment in Barbara Jacobs’ service was one of the best our association has made. Moreover, on the most basic level, it ensured harmonious relationships within the building.

On a higher level, it made us realize just how difficult it is to put together a color scheme that actually works and will hold up over time, and how extraordinarily helpful expert opinion in this area can be.  I highly recommend talking to Barbara before you embark on what may well be your most important real estate investment.”

Do you feel trapped by limited–and even confusing–color choices?  Color specialist Barbara Jacobs can help solve your dilemma.

Condo Associations & HOA Groups offer Unique Limitations to Resolve.
Condos are popular, and with good reason! But you might experience a downside if you are regulated by a condo association HOA group. Your color selections might be limited, and this may or may not matter to you. But because Condo Association and HOA group regulations are probably a part of where you live, making the right architectural color choices can seem like an overwhelming task. Most of all, a smooth process and the least amount of confusion and delay in getting to the right colors is particularly important.

This process is relevant in many important ways.

  • Collaboration with owners, management, and contractors
  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Presentation Options
  • Ability to effectively work “Off-Site and Long-Distance” when necessary

Color for HOA’s is a specialty!
Enjoy reading about this client’s experience!

Groups of homeowners and condo associations HOA groups will benefit from my special skills, including

  • knowledge of color effects, and a keen sense of color that is appropriate to the “big picture” of a building in a historic sense
  • an ability to properly consider the neighborhood and the homeowners
  • a well-organized, professional approach and process
  • effective communication and attention to detail
  • ability to prioritize and add structure to your HOA needs
  • DCP – Designer Color Palettes—my own professional, proprietary digital image service that allows all people involved to preview their new interior and exterior color selections, showing their homes in full, detailed color. For long-distance clients it is “online color consulting.”

Relax! Your Most Complex Color Design Projects are Resolved
I enjoy offering my clients all this, and more.

You can enjoy color design services that are perfect for your complex projects with complex communication needs.
A large group of co-housing condo owners asked me for help with selecting new colors for their many buildings. We used my DCP/Designer Color Palettes service to provide them with visuals of the proposed color schemes that they could share with all the owners. Since this process was done to help them make their final decision about which colors to use before the painting began, they were able to enjoy the experience. Because the focus group requested specific color options, they also asked specifically for the digital color views. As a result, they were able to share high quality visuals with the owners in general so they could all see what the focus team’s discussions were about.

In addition…
You’ll enjoy seeing views of your own buildings with new color options – before you even buy the paint!

Check out these few photos of various “group-based” color design projects that each involved a minimum of three property owners.

Condo owners and builders
Let me help you with your most important group color decisions

Take these three easy steps to your perfect color solutions.
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    Information about the consultation process and fees
  3. Finally, end confusion and Enjoy the results!
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You can also enjoy the results of my professional expertise for your own home or commercial space.
Furthermore,  as an IACC accredited color consultant, I’m particularly knowledgeable about using color for maximum effect and benefits in creating supportive environments.

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