Welcome to the Exterior and Interior Gallery – Where do the right color choices make the most difference?

Making exterior and interior color choices for our own homes is a big decision. Take a look at the images below in the exterior and interior gallery.  These are just a few examples of different kinds of color decisions made by my clients for exterior and interior projects. Included in these images are homes from the Greater Boston area where I used to live. I also work with “long-distance” clients who live far from my studio location. I particularly enjoy projects such as this, whether single family homes or entire HOA communities!

It’s easy to see why the right colors make a big difference. Exterior colors create “curb appeal” when they work well. Many choices can be great, but there is much to consider, including your personal lifestyle, home architecture, and the neighborhood in general. These are just three of the many factors that are part of making the color selections work to create the best “look and feel” for you and your own home.

Feeling and Functioning – what’s color got to do with it?
How do you personally Feel when you see your home? I hope to help create the best possible answers to that question.

Interior colors have a lot to do with how you feel and function in your personal spaces. Many elements contribute to the end result. It’s much more than trend colors, and even more than “decorating.”  As a fully accredited color consultant through the IACC (International Association of Color Consultants), my goal is to help you get the color results that will create a great feeling for you inside your home.

But it’s not about me being the dictator of your colors! I’m here to advise, appreciate your situation, collaborate and refine color selections. Part of what I do is to help you expand your relationship to color. This means bringing you “outside of the box” of the ideas about color use you have had in the past.

It’s interesting to note that many clients actually have commented to me personally at our meetings about the color education they received in our time together giving them a new way of thinking about color use. These clients have even told me that this educational aspect has increased their own confidence about using color. You’ll see some of these homes here, in the exterior and interior gallery.

Among the projects in the exterior and interior gallery below are some that are not in the Boston area. These have used our unique “Designer Color Palettes” (DCP) service that can also include online color consulting. You can read some of these clients’ comments that reflect their experiences working with me.

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Exterior Gallery, Boston and Beyond, with DCP (Designer Color Palettes) examples!

Ohio rental property update: DCP service for this house. Before and after photos provided by client.

Northern California – before and after views, construction and new colors.

Northern California Cottage – existing, and new colors. Deep colors are perfect for this small house!

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Interior Gallery

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