Welcome to the DCP™ Gallery

I’ve been asked to share a few examples of how the Designer Color Palettes™ program works. Whether you are a designer, architect, color consultant, or just want to see for yourself how your own home will look with new colors…Before it’s painted…it’s possible!

Most of these projects go through an extensive process that can include anywhere from five to 20 iterations, from changing up a body color or two to even a small color change on any section of a building, including architectural details. It’s not just “plug and play automation,” but the process is collaborative, and communication is a big part of it.

Think about it – you love the new body color but want to see it with different trim or other ‘accent’ colors. That’s a whole new look, and you can see it with DCP™. How many times have you agonized over color selections? Even for a smaller building, the exterior projects are big ones!

A few unique features of the DCP™ program include…

  • Use the colors you select, or ask for my help or simply feedback on your choices
  • You’ll receive your color views in .pdf or .jpg with your final colors noted for each area.
  • Use the best images you take of your preferred views of the project
  • We can make some visual improvements and photo corrections to unavoidable nuisances like
    • Make some minor ‘repairs’ on buildings
    • Remove some trees
    • Remove cars
    • Remove some other unsightly elements that interfere with your best view

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In the interest of trying to share with you a couple of projects that went through various levels of change, I hope you will enjoy this selection. Some of the colors were used because a client had a very strong feeling and preference and asked me to show that color or colors in the process. Not all colors were selected by me as a consultant – I also can help other design professionals facilitate their clients’ viewing of the design project.

You probably have questions about this unique service, so get in touch!
Contact me with any questions you have about this process, whether with your own color selections or for a consultation with me either on-site or long-distance. Condo associations and HOA groups are a specialty. Real estate professionals can benefit from the added “curb appeal” along with the added qualities provided with professional consultation for interior appeal.

I look forward to hearing from you.