Designer Color Palettes™

A new way to visualize colors
Some call it “online color consulting.” What does this service mean for you?

Imagine seeing how your house looks with new colors before you even paint! We all know that “Visuals” are important. Now we can show you how your building of any type or size will look with new colors for any interior or exterior area. With this service you will be able to visualize colors of your home, in detail, with any color arrangement. Walls, trim and accents will all be shown for you.

How to visualize colors using our online color consulting service

This unique service works in a couple of ways. Because a client may have a strong idea of what they want to use, they therefore want to visualize colors that they have selected already. I’m happy to do this for them. However, most people want to engage a complete color consultation that includes our way they can visualize colors that we’ve selected along with them. Sometimes people have a strong idea themselves but also want some professional input for their project. We’re flexible.
More info and a few pictures are right here at the DCP™ Gallery.

One Building or Multiples

This service is the right thing to do whether the subject is your own private, single-structure residence or a group of buildings like a condo association or HOA development. 

Commercial properties and complex structures are also ideal candidates for Designer Color Palettes. I’m always happy to answer any questions you might have about how this unique service can apply to your location.

Change it up – it’s ok!

Even if you say “Barbara, please make the siding the trim color and the trim the siding color. We’d like to see how that works!” We can do that for you. Paint, of course, is typical. But roofing, window trim, and any amount of architectural detail can now be shown as it would appear with new colors. You can see it right on the images that you provide.

On-Site or Long Distance?

Naturally if I am doing a site visit consultation I will take pictures. But what if I am not available in your geographic area? This can work for you whether you’re right here in Sebastopol, elsewhere in Sonoma or Marin counties and in California, or even internationally.

Start with a phone call or email me, and we begin with an “online color consulting” process. High quality digital imaging tools are typically within easy reach.  You or a friend can take the pictures of the best views of your location that you want to see. This is the starting place to visualize colors on your home as if they were already painted. You do not need to be a professional photographer!  We’ll walk you through it with tips for taking the best quality pictures to use. Even as part of available services we can make a variety of digital ‘repairs’ on some exteriors, and we’ll even remove objects from your images that are intrusive and interfere with the best views.

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This unique process is effective & enjoyable

Your project can be simple or complex. It can be one small home or a larger, multi-building complex. Exterior and interior areas are all possibilities. Working with “HOA’s” is one of our specialties.

Contact me with your questions to find out how Designer Color Palettes can be the right service for you.