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Colorful Apples

Welcome to your colorful life!

Ready for a change? Barbara Jacobs, a California Color and Design Consultant, will be your own Professional Color Specialist, wherever you live. Long-distance consulting is a specialty!

On-Site, or Long-Distance digital options, even if you live nearby. Barbara Jacobs brings an artist’s eye for color design to your personal environments. A California Color and Design Consultant with over 30 years’ experience, Barbara is accredited by the IACCNA. She enjoys helping clients define their own color design styles, while offering personalized, educational tips in a collaborative communication. The result: the home you love to live in, that suits your personal styles in a creative way.

Thinking of selling your house? Color choices have well known important effects! I am available to collaborate in color design with Real Estate Professionals to create your bests results!

Before putting your current house on the market, I will work as a color consultant with your Real Estate Professional–or any Architecture or Building professional. Collaboration is Key, to achieve the best results. HOA’s are a specialty of mine.
Then let’s connect for creating your new home as the best possible place to live! Small to large–from cottage to expansive property– every project gets the same professional process from initial analysis to completed new colors!

Enjoy these views of two small and large homes.
  • New colors small house
  • Small house colors before painting
  • Small house, big change - new exterior colors
  • new color options for large home, front view.
  • exterior color large home
  • new colors large home
  • new color options for large home, back view.

Design Trends – Love ’em or Leave em?
Because I’m often asked about design trends…the “latest colors,” “what’s next,” and what I think about it all…I can say that the idea and concept of “trends” is here to stay–but the actual “Trends” are, well, transitory. There are many reasons for this , and as a former member of the notable Color Marketing Group, I did learn a lot about that fascinating aspect of design, and color design in particular. So, personally, while I enjoy seeing what is the latest thing, it is really about selling products, so in some ways, as a fad they will change often. Our lives move so fast, so one question we can ask ourselves when considering color choices for our homes is about how often we want to be making changes to keep up with the latest thing! How important is it? The answer is different–and equally valid–for each individual.

In terms of creating our personal best living spaces, consideration of how we feel and what our goals are for a space are the main focus to achieve the best results in the long run. If that includes some “trend colors,” that’s fine. Of course, accessorizing your space is a great way to include some of these very appealing, fashion-conscious colors in way that’s easy to change now and then.


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